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Private Classes

All private classes are scheduled as needed. Please call to arrange the class, 757-613-3401, or contact me for assistance.

If you have needs beyond Basic Pistol courses and would like private training, we’d be happy to discuss with you how we can team up with you to develop a course for you, or refer you to existing courses.

If you have a special group larger than two students, an alternative classroom will be scheduled if possible. Due to government mandated social distancing, our space may need to be adjusted.  Additional NRA Certified Instructors may be brought in to assist us.

SIRT Training

We use dry fire training with a Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol may help you to diagnose and refine your skills. The SIRT gun is inert, and therefore versatile, as you can achieve good trigger time in a classroom or at home.  In our classes we may use the SIRT gun to help you get on target before the range, and diagnose issues where we can discuss the results without any range noise or any ammunition present. This tool is great for identifying proper trigger and muzzle control.

Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

Will you accept the challenge?

The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is produced by the Education and Training Division of the NRA. This rewarding program is an excellent training and skills development program that is self-paced, providing a solid background of developing fundamentals of shooting.  Each program level stretches your abilities with new challenges in timing and accuracy. This program is a logical transition from the NRA Basic Pistol Course, as it refines your best practices and encourages fluidity in safe and proper gun handling.

We offer coaching, or to act as your final NRA witness in the Distinguished Exert rating level.

Gift Certificates

Would you like your friend, spouse, or relative to be more successful with safe gun handling? A gift certificate for a class or for assistance toward the price of a class, may be just the thing they’d like to have.

Books We Value

When Deadly Force Is Involved
A Look at the Legal Side of Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and other Questions of Self-Defense — Bruce M. Lawlor

When Deadly Force is Involved - a book by Bruce Lawlor A quote from www.brucelawlor.com:

“A person who is without fault may use force, including deadly force, to defend against what he or she reasonably fears is an imminent unlawful threat of death or serious bodily injury, provided there is no reasonable alternative to avoid it.”
— Bruce M. Lawlor

This book is an outstanding source for information from a legal expert on what happens if you use lethal force. We are recommending it as a easy to read and informative resource every gun owner should have.

We hope you will take time to visit his site, read about the author, and learn about your rights and laws regarding deadly force. As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to know and obey the law.  You may also find articles by Bruce Lawlor in Concealed Carry Magazine, and video interviews on NRA TV with Cam and Company, Grant Stinchfield and YouTube video interviews such as this one uploaded by 25thHourRadioShowMajor General (Ret.) Bruce M. Lawlor – First Homeland Security Chief …

On Bruce’s site find how to purchase the book and by using your NRA Member Discount get 35% off the list price of the book.

Your Guide to Shooting and Competition

Julie Golob

From instruction to pod casts, Julie gets it done.  As a professional shooter she excels, from information for the beginner to advanced skills and techniques as well as telling about her journey from her childhood interest in shooting to competitive shooting and on to the Army Shooting Team and her continuing career as a professional competitor and representative of Smith & Wesson.

Find out more about Julie and her books and articles here.

Mastering you Pistol Marksmanship
by Gabby Franco

Olympian, Firearms Instructor, Competitor and Author.

The first time I saw Gabby Franco shoot was on Season 4 of “All Stars” TOP SHOT.   Hers is not so much a book, but a manual, sized for your range bag!  Gear, caliber, shooting stance and mind-set are only a few things she discusses in detail in her book. Gabby reviews common problems shooters have and offers possible solutions as well as practice drills and even has a few targets for each exercise she recommends.

Read more about Gabby Franco on her site.

Resources on Concealed Carry

We will be providing Concealed Carry information and training.

Where can you carry?

What are your rights?

Where can you travel while carrying a firearm? This site provides a resource map and links to laws you should be aware of.

Do You Know
Your Rights and

Further Skills Development

Additional assistance is available to help students develop skills and to find additional courses or venues to practice their shooting. Hourly fees range from $50 to $75.00, plus range fees of $10.00 each student, depending on the required assistance. Prices are subject to change.

Would you like to learn to shoot from cover?
Would you like to learn to shoot one-handed?
Would you like to learn to draw from a holster?

Depending on your experience the prices may vary.

Shooting from cover

Featured testimonial

Wanda’s class was my first real hand gun class even though I had been around firearms all my life. Wanda’s class was very informative and I learned a lot about technique and how to improve my shooting. I took her class with my buddy and we both had a great time. Best bang for your buck.

— Neal Spaulding