About The Shooting Sport

The name of my site is The Shooting Sport.  Ever since I bought my own firearm and took safety classes I have had an intense interest in the shooting sport.

My name is Wanda. I am an National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Norfolk Country Rifle Range (NCRR) Range Safety Officer, NCRR certified in Big Bore, and am a Distinguished Expert in Pistol … three times.  I have logged many hours with previous club Ladies Night events, NRA Day family sports shooting events,  and NRA Women on Target events, where novice and experienced shooters have come to learn and socialize.

I was the co-director for our club’s 2016 Brownells/NRA Day, a family event for shooters 12 years old and up.  For several years I have assisted as our private club’s Range Checkout Officer, as well as acting as the Range Checkout Officer.  I also  qualify applicants’ shooting and safety practices for our club range membership.  I am also an NRA Recruiter.

Wanda Hartung - Certififed NRA Instructor at The Shooting Sport

Sharing information about safe gun handling, and helping others find satisfaction and empowerment in the Shooting Sport, is my personal inspiration in teaching the fundamentals of shooting. I teach both men and women of almost all ages.

We want to help other women dispel their fears, satisfy their curiosity, fill their desire to be able to protect, defend and keep their families safe. Many mothers take firearms courses so they can understand and feel confident around the family’s firearms, and prevent these firearms from being accessed by family members not old enough, or well enough, to handle them.

We live in an uncertain world. Our Constitutional Rights are continuously attacked every day. My choice to purchase my own personal firearm was made when I saw my Constitutional Rights being threatened. That was the beginning of an extremely enjoyable hobby, which is now a passion. I strive to improve my skills every time I shoot. I enjoy helping others improve on their skills as well.

The NRA courses offered are the best possible way to present the information that will start you in your responsibilities of gun ownership.

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting – Instructor Led Only course and the NRA MQP (Marksmanship Qualification Program) are our focus.

Periodically we will add additional instructors. Only NRA Certified Instructors will teach in our group. Our objectives are to keep you and your family safe, as well as increase awareness about the shooting sport. We teach small group classes, one-on-one classes, ladies only classes, and small private classes.

I was recently certified by Wanda Hartung. She was incredible. The instruction was delivered at my pace and she constantly confirmed that I understood before proceeding to the next section. The course flew by thanks to her engagement and personality. Thanks Wanda!

— Jamie McCray

A note about Jamie’s shooting.  These shots were accomplished by a total beginner with a .357 revolver which he inherited.

Jamie McCray

We do not teach self-defense shooting classes. We cannot offer legal advice for gun owners. We strongly recommend students attend a class specifically for concealed carry that addresses the issues surrounding the use of deadly force, if this is your objective. Additional range and firearms handling training is highly recommended to ensure an individual has the understanding, knowledge, and attitude necessary to carry and use a firearm.