The Shooting Sport Pistol Instruction, Training, and Safety

The Shooting Sport teaches the basics of safe gun handling, and the fundamentals of shooting, in compliance with government social distancing guidelines. Our classes and the services are listed here. We the Basics of Pistol Shooting course by the National Rifle Association (NRA). In addition we offer continued skill development, with personalized programs and with a program by NRA Sports.

  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting – Instructor Led Only — See our class schedule on our Registration page.
  • Personal Training – Based on Your Specific Needs
  • Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program — See our Other Services page

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting – Instructor Led Only:  Utilizing classroom and range qualification in-person instruction. Read more here.

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Training for individuals is based on the needs of each student. Prices for anticipated time for a lesson is based on the students’ experience. Please inquire.

The Winchester Program is designed to polish your skills and push you to the next level of training. Depending on your goals this may be very valuable to you. Learn more here.

Please contact us at The Shooting Sport.  First learn if this class is best for you. Let us answer questions you may have about the class.  In addition we can schedule a class if you don’t see your preferred time and date listed.

The Shooting Sport Courses – Are they right for you?

We teach small group classes of socially distanced students, one-on-one classes, ladies only classes, and small private classes. Our classes usually consist of no more than two students, to conform with best health recommendations concerning the Covid-19 virus. The costs vary per type of course, or courses, you wish to attend. These classes are perfect for the beginner. The goal of The Shooting Sport, as we proceed through the course materials, to be certain you understand them.

We can help you answer all these questions.

  • Is this gun the right one for my purpose?
  • How do I know what type of gun I need?
  • Are some guns easier to operate?
  • Which guns have less recoil?
  • Is there a caliber that will best suit my needs?
  • What’s the best size gun for my hands?

Equally important, shooters with experience have found the classes helpful as well. Troubleshooting is occasionally an issue for shooters. We can help diagnose your shooting errors and bring you back on course.

The Shooting Sport objective is to keep you and your family safe.  Only NRA Certified Pistol Instructors teach our courses. We ultimately strive to increase awareness about the shooting sport.

What Are Your Shooting Sport Goals?

Share with us the goal you wish to achieve and we can help guide you to a class, a tutor, or training suitable for you.

In the event that concealed carry is your objective, additional firearms handling training is highly recommended.   This would ensure you have the understanding, knowledge, and attitude necessary to carry and use a firearm.

The certificate attained at the successful completion of the Basics of Pistol Shooting NRA course is accepted by the Commonwealth of Virginia to qualify for a Concealed Carry Permit. We strongly recommend students attend a class specifically for concealed carry. Such a class addresses issues surrounding the use of deadly force, and laws you should be aware of, if concealed carry is your objective.

Shooting is a perishable skill, therefore you should learn the proper techniques. And most of all you should practice them. Why not get started with a class today?

In addition we’d like to offer NRA Registration, available here. Please contact me today.  Join today and help NRA Fight for You. Enjoy the membership benefits and discounts on hotels, car rentals, licensed products and more.

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